Water management and pollution

2017 Results

7.7mln m3

Total withdrawal of water.


percentage of water withdrawal in water stressed area.

1.2mln m3

Recycled water.
2018 Objectives
Promote water reutilisation at Saipem operating sites.
Preservation of natural resources and proactive water saving and reuse are key objectives for us

One of our commitments expressed in the HSE Policy comprises the protection of natural resources. Considering the geographical location of our Company’s important operating activities, water is a significant aspect. In fact, we are aware that we carry out important operating activities in water stressed areas, where the implementation of a strategy to reduce consumption and use the resource efficiently is considered a priority. The re-use of water, after suitable treatment, is a key activity for minimising water consumption.


Our onshore fabrication yards and projects are often located in remote locations where water is an ever more precious resource, and therefore multiple water reutilisation systems are implemented. For example, in Kuryk, water is collected from the Caspian Sea and sent to the water desalination plant and then used to produce potable water, service water and reuse for dust suppression or irrigation.


All the Saipem camps in Saudi Arabia are equipped with treatment plants that are capable of treating domestic sewage. Treated water is then used for purposes such as dust suppression and on plantations and in horticulture at camps and site offices.

+ 560,000 m3 is the amount of sewage water reused in all the camps in 2017, with a considerable savings in fresh water purchase


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