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Value Creation

Saipem’s business model contributes to creating long term value for the communities in which we live and operate and society as a whole. That is the foundation of our sustainability strategy and of our sense of purpose.

Saipem direct contribution by geographical area

8 BILLION euros

Our overall direct economic contribution.
We directly contribute to the communities in which we live and work and to society as a whole mainly through our input into the local economy by purchasing products and services from local suppliers, paying local taxes in the markets where we operate, employing local people and contributing to their development through training and capacity building initiatives.
Geographical area
Current Taxes (€mln)
Total Goods and
Services Ordered (€mln)
Employees (No.)
Training Man-hours (No.)
5 331 1,834 67,787
53 738 6,240 119,448
6 1,367 11,449 360,088
Far East and Oceania
19 1,268 3,290 49,715
119 2,264 9,976 130,063
Middle East
75 454 2,731 60,658
Saipem overall economic contribution

13 BILLION euros

Total economic effect of Saipem’s operations worldwide.

130,000 JOBS EQ.

Overall impact in terms of employment.
Our direct contribution to the local economy has a multiplier effect which results in a bigger picture with the overall positive impact on the local economy.
MEASURING Saipem’s real value
Recognising that our business activities are connected to both positive and negative impacts on the environment and society, we are challenged to measure those impacts by quantifying them in monetary terms, providing a comprehensive representation of the Real Value Saipem generates in the society.
Employment of local personnel Local jobs creation
  • Improvement in material living standards.
  • Change in well-being due to Health & Safety accidents.
Purchase of goods and services Increased revenues for local vendors Improvement in material living standards.
Employee training Increased skills Improvement in material living standards.
Employee training Increased skills Improved employability.
GHG emissions Contribution to climate change Change in health and well-being.
Other air emissions Air Pollution Change in health and well-being.
Waste production Waste disposal to landfill Change in health and well-being.
Water Withdrawal Depletion of water Decrease in water availability for community use.
Social and Environmental impacts: results


People Safety

A real value at Saipem and a key part of our business model.