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Spill prevention and response

2017 Results


Training man-hours delivered on spill management issues.


Spill drills performed.


Oil and chemical mapping performed on vessels and rigs and at yards.
2018 Objectives
Extend the spill risk assessment to relevant Saipem operating sites.
Prevention is by far the most important and efficient weapon to avoid polluting the environment

Spills are one of the most critical environmental aspects for the Oil & Gas industry; for this reason we carriy out our operational activities with the goal of avoiding the risk of spills, or, should an accident occur, implementing measures and actions to prevent further environmental deterioration as a result of accidents. We operate by minimising the risk of spills and adopt advanced equipment and procedures to implement actions that reduce and manage emergencies. Our strategy for managing potential accidental spills is based on (i) prevention, (ii) training and preparedness, (iii) emergency response, (iv) reporting.


We confirmed our commitment to preventing oil spills in 2017 through the implementation of the following rigorous and consistent methods:

  1. Oil and Chemical mapping for yards, offshore construction and the drilling fleet;
  2. Spill risk assessment for offshore construction and the drilling fleet
  3. Implementation of prevention and mitigation measures

We have a very important tradition in the field of Oil Spill Response, offering a comprehensive service and related training activities. The recent delivery of the Offset Installation Equipment (OIE) for the Subsea Well Response Project (SWRP) aimed to develop solutions to respond quickly and efficiently to future subsea well-control incidents. The OIE is a tool that supports vessels to stay outside the unsafe zone while installing short-term remediation of environmental disasters.

In the field of oil spill monitoring and intervention, we are developing, for example, the Early Warning Integrated System (EWIS), an innovative data collection and decisional support platform for very early and effective response to oil spills.


Water management and pollution

Preservation of natural resources and proactive water saving and reuse are key objectives for us.