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Saipem of tomorrow

In the opening messages of Saipem Sustainability 2017, the Chairman and the CEO focus on the role of the Saipem of tomorrow in creating value based on the evolution of global scenarios. This is the reason why a new Vision and Mission for Saipem were conceived and shared with all our stakeholders.

Here are some extracts from their messages:

A long-term vision, essential for the sustainability of the business, together with the values of ethics, know-how and technology, allow us to fully create value in all the over 60 countries in which we operate.
As a provider of engineering and construction services, Saipem can make an important contribution in terms of technological innovation aimed at optimising the ‘climate change’ actions of Oil & Gas developments by the Oil Companies, and in the energy efficiency sector as well where there is still a lot of work to be done.
Saipem must therefore be the company that finds innovative and efficient solutions for making viable expensive and risky projects.
This is our vision: to be a leader in making the future of our markets sustainable.
Our mission is to implement challenging, safe and innovative projects, leveraging on the competence of our people and on the solidity, multiculturalism and integrity of our organisational model. With the ability to face and overcome the challenges posed by the evolution of the global scenarios, we must seize the opportunities to create economic and social value for all our stakeholders.

Materiality assessment

Reinforce safety processes and people competences, including those of vendors.