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Materiality assessment

A strong and focused materiality assessment is the cornerstone of a sustainability strategy that is consistent with the core business, meets stakeholder expectations and produces high-impact results both for our Company and society. Materiality is about identifying the issues that are meaningful for Saipem and its stakeholders, and that are within its capacity to create long-term value to support the Company’s strategy. We plot the issues that are considered important for our long-term business success against those that pose risks or opportunities to our Company.

Materiality assessment process 7th EDITION
total stakeholders involved 5,000
  • Research and analysis.
  • Identification of issues and external stakeholders to involve
  • External stakeholder survey.
  • Saipem employee and senior manager survey.

Definition of preliminary results.

VALIDATION of material issues and matrix
  • Sustainability Committee.
  • Corporate Governance Committee and Scenarios.

Our commitment to the UN Global Compact and SDGS

Respecting and promoting the UNGC’s Ten Principles and Sustainable Development Goals